How to maximize your earnings with Brave-browser

Brave Browser

If you don’t already know, brave-browser is a chrome based web browser focused on privacy. It has ad-blocking incorporated and many other privacy features that chrome-browser does not have by default.

I’m going to explain a little on how to make some money with brave-browser especially the part of the referendums/affiliates that can earn you about $5 (or more depending on who gets your referrals e.g. US is $7,5) per month for each friend that uses your link.

Here is mine:

Brave Browser

Note: from the 20th of this month I stopped receiving; maybe because advertisers run out of money …

What to do to get a little more from Brave

  • After doing the installation, you should verify your account at you will have to send your own ID and take a selfie to confirm your identity). In my case it was quite fast, in about 10 minutes I received confirmation that it was verified.I know that this part not everyone likes for privacy reasons, but otherwise you can stop reading ..

  • Next you go to become a creator, here you can create various forms of referrals: reddit, github, youtube, vimeo, twitch or even via your website (this can be profitable if you authorize brave to put ads there).

  • After creating your referrals, share them with your family, friends or elsewhere so that you can receive $ 5 for each one.

Important note: Brave recently changed the way referrals work and only after your referrals have used brave for 30 days, so don’t worry if the $$$ doesn’t fall right into your uphold account.

If you have a considerable amount of traffic on your site / youtube / etc I think it will always drip something because brave has the function of auto-contribute (if someone visits your site with the function on, it may be right for you).

I think this is it. Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to use my link ;-)